Life is interesting. I am currently listening to a Design Matters podcast featuring a 27 year old designer, Jessica Hische, and it is inspiring. It’s interesting how this little journey happened. I opened my RSS reader one day during a very boring bus ride to work in the morning and found a video for a talk done by Jason Santa Maria, called “Saying ‘No'”. The talk was done as part of something called Creative Mornings.

One of the talks in New York was by an amazing woman called Debbie Millman. On the Creative Mornings website, there was a small bio on Debbie that mentioned her radio series, Design Matters. A link from her website later and I have all the episodes downloaded into iTunes.

I find the podcasts to be absolutely inspiring as you listen to these people talk with such passion about what they do and how they got there. Some are at the beginning of their careers and some are nearer to the end, but all of them talk about the joy of doing what they love. So far, my two favourites are Jessica Hische, a young letter designer, and Marko Ilic, a Bosnian designer now living in New York who talked about knowing that he wanted to be a designer after drawing Santa Claus on the floor and, instead of being beaten up by his parents, his mother covered the drawing to show his father when he got home.

This post is called “the first steps” because, in a sense, that what discovering these podcasts represent. They are my first steps back into design, art, and creativity. I have been away from this world for far too long and listening to all these incredible people’s stories is my way of slowly reconnecting. This is going to be a long journey and this represents the beginning.