Your home is whatever you love doing in this world more than you love yourself. – Elizabeth Gilbert This quote from Elizabeth Gilbert’s latest TED talk has really…

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. – MARK TWAIN

Beginner Tip: Soft Deletes in Rails

When you are learning Rails, all of the tutorials teach you how to delete an object from the application. This means actually deleting a row from a table…


The Problem with “Real Developers”

Software Development has a huge problem that, if left unchecked, will kill it. I think we are seeing evidence of this toxin already. It’s the idea of “Real…

An old idea to cure Impostor Syndrome

Over the last few weeks, I have come across a number of articles talking about or referencing “Impostor Syndrome”. It’s the idea that you feel like you don’t…

Foundation quick tip: columns and breakpoints

This is just a very small thing that I figured out about Foundation and figured I would share. In hindsight it is kinda obvious, but I don’t remember…

Agile and Creativity

There is an interesting conversation asking “Is Agile the enemy of creativity and innovation” over on the Agile and Lean Software Development group on LinkedIn. There seems to…

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